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Bank profile


Eximbank of Russia is doing everything to ensure the successful representation of Russian manufacturers in international markets. Our mission is to provide Russian exporters with access to convenient credit instruments and to create an infrastructure that will enhance the competitiveness of our national business abroad.

General Information

State Specialized Russian Export- Import Bank (joint-stock company) was founded in 1994 to realize the Russian State’s objectives and policy to stimulate and support the export of Russian manufacturing products. The bank’s authorized capital is 20,75 billion roubles.
Russian rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) has assigned to the Bank an individual credit rating «ruAA» which means “Exceptionally high (the highest) level of creditworthiness”. The Bank also has Moody's Ba2 long-term local- and foreign-currency deposit ratings (outlook stable).

Our current goals are to secure access to financial resources for Russian export companies and to support the growth of Russian non-commodity exporters. Bank’s products and services are developed and improved based on the experience of international credit agencies and banks that support national exporters. While providing the State’s guarantees and financial support of national export, our Bank promotes:
  • the growth of the number of national exporters and the number of buying countries;
  • the competitiveness of Russian companies in world markets;
  • the creation of innovative import-substituting industries;
  • the growth of investment into the Russian economy;
  • the creation of new workplaces in Russia.
Our Bank functions as the agent of the Russian Government in providing state support of export by issuing loans and providing other types of guarantees backed by the Bank.

Eximbank of Russia works with different non-commodity exporters, including companies that realize the biggest projects. The majority of our clients are exporters that work on medium and large projects. Eximbank of Russia pays special attention to supporting export projects that have limited access to market-based sources of funding. To help beginning exporters enter international markets, our Bank has published a manual for beginner exporters on its site.

The Bank is successfully developing its profile activities in the countries of the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS), the countries of the Pacific Rim, BRICS, Latin America, and other countries.

The Bank is a member of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB), Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and the Russian Finance and Banking Union (RFBU), ROSSWIFT, SWIFT, the Association of Bill Market Participants, Brussels International Banking Club (BIBC), and the non-profit partnership National Committee for the Assistance to the Economic Cooperation with Latin American countries (NC SESLA).
Eximbank of Russia is part of a group of Russian Export Center.